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Remembering former medical dean Dr. James Corrigan

The Tulane medical community remembers Dr. James Corrigan, dean of the medical school from 1994-2000. Corrigan, age 77, died of pancreatic cancer on Dec. 19 at Peppiā€™s House Hospice in Tucson, Ariz.

Dr. James Corrigan
Dr. James Corrigan. Photo Courtesy of Barbara Burke Portraits

Corrigan began his career at Emory University School of Medicine and served as a faculty member from 1966-1971. After becoming one of the original faculty members in the pediatrics department at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, he was ultimately appointed chief of pediatric hematology/oncology and director of the Mountain States Regional Hemophilia Center. By 1987, Corrigan had accepted the position of chief of pediatric rheumatology and professor of internal medicine.

Corrigan joined Tulane University School of Medicine in 1990 in the role of vice dean for academic affairs. He became an interim dean of the medical school in 1993 and served as the dean of Tulane University School of Medicine from 1994-2000. He concluded his career at Tulane by serving as the vice president of the Tulane Health Sciences Center from 2000-2002 before returning to Arizona in 2003 to instruct residents at the Tucson Medical Center.

"Dr. Corrigan viewed medicine as a vocation and was deeply committed to everyone he served.  He was an outstanding role model and a man of compassion. He made remarkable accomplishments at the medical school and brought into place a number of things that were considered to be national models of excellence at the time," says Cynthia Hayes, director of alumni relations for the Tulane University School of Medicine.

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