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Innovative program celebrates
inaugural class

This month Tulane School of Medicine welcomed its inaugural Health Education Adaptive Learning Experience (HEAL-X) class. HEAL-X is a 3½ year medical degree program tailored for PhD graduates in the biomedical sciences.

Dr. Kevin Krane and faculty educators
Dr. Kevin Krane brainstorms with other faculty educators

The idea for this innovative program began about a year ago as a group of faculty educators lead by Dr. Kevin Krane, vice dean for academic affairs, brainstormed on how to create an integrated curriculum using the principles of active, adult learning. The curriculum they developed uses a series of systems-based modules, each directed by both a basic and clinical science faculty educator. Each module has integrated both the normal and abnormal basic and clinical mechanisms of disease with very little face-to-face lecture time. Student-faculty interactions will focus on application of knowledge to clinical medicine.

HEAL-X was developed to attract research focused medical students and also to give these students a way to complete a medical degree in a more integrated and efficient timeline. This program will increase the number of physician scientists in the medical school while creating a novel curriculum.

“This curriculum model is unique at Tulane. I hope this program creates a climate of active learning and the ideas we are using migrate to the entire school,” says Dr. Marc J. Kahn, senior associate dean of admissions and student affairs.

The inaugural HEAL-X class is comprised of 15 students from across the country with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Kahn says the incoming students are excited to begin the program and are looking forward to working with a cohort of like-minded individuals.
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