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Tulane moves into Louisiana
Cancer Research Center

A dozen Tulane University cancer researchers and more than 80 staff and laboratory team members are the first tenants to move into the newly built Louisiana Cancer Research Center at the corner of Tulane and South Claiborne avenues.

Dr. Kevin Krane and faculty educators
Louisiana Cancer Research Center

The $102 million building is a state-of-the-art research center designed to pool the region’s leading cancer investigators together to spark joint collaborations, increase research funding and, ultimately, earn a coveted federal National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation.

Tulane occupies about 23,000 square feet, covering the entire eighth floor and half of the seventh floor of the 10-story building. The move almost doubles Tulane’s cancer research space, says Tulane Cancer Center Director Prescott Deininger.

Each floor contains open-format labs that feature 18 wall-less research bays lined up in a row, sharing an open corridor and research equipment. The format, which is the standard for modern research facilities, allows investigators to intermingle, communicate and collaborate more frequently.

“The whole thing is designed for increased interaction and the synergy that we all aim for in research,” Deininger says. “Instead of hiding behind walls and doing your own work and only interacting when you happen to get together at a seminar, there are many more opportunities for casual interactions between investigators.”

The format also allows Deininger to efficiently allocate research space, expanding and contracting labs as needed. The Cancer Center will retain existing lab spaces in the J. Bennett Johnston Building and other areas of campus, but the new space is in high demand.

“Even before we moved in here it had a tremendous impact on our recruiting ability, which is one of the reasons it is full already,” Deininger says.

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