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Dean resigns after five years

After five years with Tulane University School of Medicine, senior vice president and dean of the medical school Dr. Benjamin Sachs has announced that he is resigning as of June 30.

Dr. Benjamin Sachs
Dr. Benjamin Sachs

Sachs joined Tulane in 2007 after 29 years at Harvard Medical School. He was drawn to New Orleans and Tulane by the post-Katrina challenges. Under Sach's leadership the school focused its efforts on recovery and strengthening its four missions – education, research, health care in the community, and community outreach. As part of those efforts the school won the prestigious Spencer Forman Award from AAMC. Additionally, students have benefited from innovative educational opportunities he developed, such as the partnership with Baton Rouge General and the HEAL-X program, and the overall increase in the academic credentials of entering students and residents.

"I want to thank all of you for your support and hard work. I am proud and honored to have had the opportunity to be the dean of Tulane Medical School. I will be forever grateful that my years at Tulane have given me the tremendous opportunity to work alongside some of the finest people I've ever known," says Sachs.

President Scott Cowen has met with senior leadership within the medical school to discuss the timetable and process for identifying new leadership. With the help of the leadership team, Cowen plans to focus on the opportunities and challenges facing the school in the next few years, and identify the characteristics and qualifications of the future team to lead the school.

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