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Alumni enjoy spring reunion

For the classes of 1973, 1993, 2003 and 2008, April 12-13 was a weekend of great weather, delicious food and reminiscing about memories of Tulane University School of Medicine.

Scott Simpson, Melinda Simpson and Anne Michelle Gordon
Class Agent Dr. Scott Simpson, Melinda Simpson and Class Agent Dr. Anne Michelle Gordon

Even though it's only been five years since their time at Tulane, the Class of 2008 was anxious to reconnect with classmates and get back to New Orleans. The lure of the French Quarter Festival and wonderful spring weather were an added bonus.

"I think it's been quite a while since there has been a five-year reunion. I conducted an informal poll asking my classmates who would be interested in attending. The class had a pretty strong interest so we worked toward making that happen," says Dr. Scott Simpson, 2008 class agent. As class agent, Simpson worked with staff members to plan an event that would appeal to younger alumni.

Simpson says his class bonded after their experience with Hurricane Katrina. During their second year in medical school the entire class was moved to Baylor University School of Medicine. Those life-changing experiences following the storm brought the classmates even closer together.

"You can put our 10-year reunion on the books!" says Simpson. The close-knit class is already planning on returning to New Orleans in five years.

Spring reunion weekend, started by the Tulane Medical Alumni Association in 2010, offers reunion classes an alternative to the traditional fall homecoming festivities. Planning coincides with the annual French Quarter Festival, which gives alumni a wide variety of events to participate in while in New Orleans.

The weekend began with tours of the medical school followed by a welcome reception in the DeBakey Educational Center. On Saturday, April 13, each class held a reunion dinner at various locations throughout the French Quarter and Central Business District.

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