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The Department of Neurosurgery is being transformed as a new chair, Dr. Aaron S. Dumont, and two new faculty come on board.

Dr. Aaron Dumont
Dr. Aaron S. Dumont, Charles B. Wilson Professor & Chair, Department of Neurosurgery

"We want to make Neurosurgery a major contributor to the School of Medicine," says Dumont, who completed his residency at the University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Three missions define the department's future. "First, we are building our clinical enterprise and creating partnerships," Dumont says. The new faculty members, Dr. Ricky Medel and Dr. Manish Singh, are key to this, and Dumont plans to recruit additional faculty.

"We're setting up a telemedicine program, the Tulane Neuroscience Network, to improve stroke care in the community," says Dumont. Tulane as the "hub" institution will partner with multiple "spoke" hospitals throughout the region. "They can call us to consult on patients with stroke or complex problems."

The second piece is education. "Our residency training program is an utmost priority for our department," says Dumont. "We are excited about our training program and look to expansion in the future."

"The third piece is research," says Dumont. "We have particular interests in stroke and vascular diseases of the brain. Our laboratory is funded by the NIH to study brain aneurysms. We want to figure out why aneurysms form and rupture so we can develop better therapies. We also have research interests in neurotrauma, tumors and spine and are expanding our research portfolio to improve the care of patients now and tomorrow."

"We want to build a world-class neurosurgery program and we're absolutely committed to this," says Dumont.

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