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Doctor’s scholarship fund
improves lives

Second-year medical student Assumpta Twekise knows the difference she can make in her native Uganda if she returns there as a doctor, armed with a superior education from Tulane University School of Medicine.

Assumpta Twekise
Medical student Assumpta Twekise

Last spring, she met Dr. James Bonnet Jr. (M ’71), the man who made a difference in her life through his endowed scholarship at the School of Medicine. "It felt like he was my hero," says Twekise.

And Bonnet, in turn, was thrilled to meet the exceptional young woman whose career he can now follow. "It brings me joy to see the role I have in her medical education," he says.

Bonnet, who retired in 2007 after a successful career as a vascular surgeon, created the endowment in 2012 as a personal gift to Tulane and in gratitude for the generosity that allowed him to study medicine at Tulane. He received a scholarship endowed by Dr. Julian Hawthorne, a 1920 medical school graduate, who left Tulane a bequest for medical scholarships.

Bonnet chose to start funding his own scholarship during his lifetime, in hopes of seeing the impact of his giving. He plans to fully support the award in a legacy gift.

Twekise marvels at the reach of Bonnet's gift, which will impact her as well as her family and future patients. She attended Smith College on scholarship and hopes to one day start her own educational fund to replicate the effect Bonnet and other benefactors have had on her. "It's these generous people who have shaped my future."

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